Filter 'My Tasks' by a custom field?



We use the My Task list view as the main page of our asana. I like that it will automatically sort the tasks of all the projects by due date. Is there a way to then sort by the custom field (for example, a custom field of priority that are setup within each project)? This was the overall my task list view would show what is due each day and then a prioritized list of what is due that day and each day. Really hoping this is an option


Hello Casey,

You are correct in that you cannot sort by custom field within the My Task view. However, you can set up an advanced report to get the view that you are looking for. As long as you are on a paid plan and have access to create custom reports you can conduct an advanced search for any tasks that are assigned to you and add any of the custom fields, such as priority level, to the report. You can save the advanced report and refer back to it for your needs. Here is more information on creating advanced reports for your reference:

I hope this helps,