Filter Goals by member

Our organization assigns both an “owner” and “collaborators” to our Goals. Currently, we can filter by “owner” to find specific goals, but since there is no filter for “members” of a Goal, our users can’t easily find the goals that they are listed on as collaborators. Request: add filter by member/collaborator for Goals.

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Sounds like the perfect usecase for a custom search. Once saved it’s just a click away.

Interesting idea! I just poked around and can’t filter my search by goals. In fact, I can’t see any goals come up when I use advanced search from the global search bar. Any hints?

Sry, for the confusion, my bad. I was thinking of milestones…

Ist still works for goals, but you’ll have to do the search differently
Try searching for goal, then add the filter you need.

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If someone is only a collaborator, it should still show up in goals, when you click on the “my goals” tab.