Filter Content INSIDE a Project


Hi there! I, along with many others in my organization would love the ability to filter content INSIDE a particular project. For example, lets say I have a project board with 50 different tasks/cards. Let’s say that 10 of those cards contain the tag: ‘pending’. I want to be able to filter the content on the CURRENT list or board to view only those tasks that are tagged as ‘pending’. I can’t currently do this. I can go to the search bar and filter for ‘pending’, BUT that method will pull anything, from any project that is tagged as such.

Further to this, you may want to apply a filter inside a specific project for scenarios such as:

  • Only tasks with due dates greater than today
  • Only tasks overdue
  • Only tasks containing the word ‘chocolate’
  • Only tasks with a status of ‘waiting on third party’
  • Only tasks assigned to ‘Michael Jordan’
  • Etc

The Advanced Search Feature is Asana is awesome, and YES I can search for stuff inside one or more projects BUT I need a feature that allows me to STAY on the current board or list and just filter down to specific content and tasks in that particular list.

Make sense?



More filters in the board view (users, custom fields ...) like in list view?

According to the comments on this blog post, Asana has noted the request for filtering Boards by tags:

It sounds like you’d also get very close to what you want if Advanced Search results could be viewed as a Board instead of a List. As you noted, you can already see your Board project in List view by doing an Advanced Search that’s limited to that project.


Thanks for the Blog reference Craig! I also agree that viewing Advanced Search Results as a Board would be incredibly helpful. Any type of advanced filtering options on the current board is what we are after :wink:


Just adding a further comment here about the desperately needed feature of being able to filter on projects. While the advanced search is nice for quickly finding subsets of tasks that meet certain criteria, in practice most work is done in our organization at the project level. Not being able to filter on the project level means we have to create a bunch of duplicate projects (e.g. the same project for each employee) so that everyone can have a filtered view. This creates a huge amount of unneeded projects that take up a ton of space and duplicate the same thing needlessly. Please consider implementing a filter by option for projects! It would make a lot of folks’ lives so much simpler and easier!


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