Fill PDF form and attach to task?

Hello - I would like advice on the simplest way to fill out a fillable PDF form using data in some custom fields automatically and then attach the filled out form to the task. Thank you.

Hi @david.bragason ! I take it that you are aware of Asana’s Forms feature (available for Premium and above) and that you have a good reason to not replace your PDF form with a shareable link to an asana form instead?

This really would be the simplest way for solving your issue since I also assume your PDF form is just a file on a device or server; i.e. not online or in a cloud service, right?

If you want to get into something more advanced, you could look into Bitskout (no affiliation) that does some amazing stuff using AI to read documents and then feeding their data into Asana :star_struck:

Thank you @Richard_Sather but what I need to do is insert data that I already have in Asana into a fillable PDF file that I need to submit to a government agency via their web portal as a part of the work flow. The PDF form is given to me to fill out and I can’t change that. Currently I copy data from several custom fields and paste them into the fillable PDF. Clearly this can be automated, question is what’s the simplest way. Thank you again.

Ho @david.bragason , apologies, I misread your question - got it the other way around :sweat_smile:
However, as I mentioned above, if the PDF is not online (i.e you have to download it to your computer, fill it in, then upload it to the government agency) then I highly doubt you can accomplish this without some custom code or using one (or more) 3rd party apps such as, or PDFfiller? :person_shrugging:

@Bastien_Siebman , @lpb , any ideas?


I agree, @Richard_Sather. I think the starting point is to find out what integrates with PDF filling out a form, like if there are any, or other actions. Then see if that’s compatible with an Asana trigger. Then automate whatever portion is possible.




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