Files tab replaced by Form tab in Project view?

Hello, since the FORM tab was added to the project view I seem to have lost the FILES tab. Is it also the case for you? Or is there something else I am not doing that made this tab disappear?
I do have files attached in my project so it should be available.
I rely on this tab once a task is complete to be able to access the final deliverable quickly and be able to search it as well (so that we don’t need to repost documents in the Conversation section in addition to the task where it is delivered).

Thanks for your help!

@Melanie_RM, Is there any chance you could try widening your browser window (or zooming it to fit more on a page)? Files is the last tab and if room runs out, it will be obscured by the right-half of the header (search box). Maybe that’s what is happening? (I just replicated this with a narrow window so that’s why I’m suggesting it.)


Indeed! So stupid of me. I did not realize my window wasn’t as large as usual and I couldn’t find any related topic on the forum… Thanks for taking the time to answer me!


Thanks @lpb! Just to let you know our Team is currently looking into this issue too :slight_smile:

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