Files Managment for projects



Hi Guys,

I think would be nice to have some way to manage or to organize the attached files to projects or at least some integration with google drive that let us manage the attached files to projects. Is very difficult to go back to a project and find the correct file you are looking for.

Any advice on it??


@jcarlos, thank you for your feedback! We know that attaching files is an essential part of using Asana and appreciate any input on how to improve that experience.

A few tips:

  • Have you tried using the “Files” Tab at the top of a Project? You’ll be able to find all the Files attached to Tasks in that Project aggregated in a single place.

  • We do have an integration with Google Drive that allows you to choose a file directly from the picker in the Task. You can see the hierarchy and organization of files in Drive directly from that picker – for example, if I were attaching a brief, I could see that it was in the Q1 file in Drive when I went to attach it.

  • If you’re having trouble finding a specific file in Asana, it might be helpful to discuss naming conventions for Asana Tasks. When I think about the flow of trying to find a certain file, I’m actually trying to find a certain Task (to which the file is attached). Making those Task names descriptive and easy to understand might make search for the Tasks (and the files) easier.

Let me know what you think!


There have been many posts requesting a more robust. Here is one of the threads.


Hi @Sara your feedback is much apreciated. Here my comments,

  • YES, i use the tab files.
  • This integration allows to insert files from google drive but not navigate files in a project as a drive folder.
  • YES, i am having problems finding my files. Yeah, i understand the proposed solution. Is sad the absence of a robust file manager, but it is a good idea to consider tasks as recipient for files so we can find ir later. Not what i am looking for but a short term solution.