File view on iphone


Hi there, our projects are set up as boards and we have documents attached to some of the tasks which, on desktop, I can see in View Files. I can’t find this View when working on my iPhone. Am I missing something or is it just not possible? Grateful for any help please!



Hi @Louise_Lee, and sorry for the late reply! You might not always see the thumbnail on your Board’s card (depending on your attachment format), but you should definitely be able to see your attachment when clicking on a card to open the task itself (see screenshot below). Let me know if you still can’t see them!


Hi Marie,

Thanks! You’re spot on. I can see the attachment when I open the card but I can’t if the card’s not open - they’re movie files so I guess this is why. It’s a bit of a pain because this project acts as a process manual so users need to see what cards have a process tutorial attached. N’er mind.

Thanks for you help.



May be this missing files issue corrupt registry or registry error. Last time when my cousin tries to download my purchases it shows iTunes error 5105 appears on the screen. We are unable to fix this issue. What to do now?