File Name Attachment Auto Update (Google Drive)


Not having file names auto updated (when attached via Google Drive) has always been a real problem for me, besides not having any file previews for Google Drive attachments.

Any chance that auto-updating could be implemented @Marie?


Hi @Hans_Rippel,

You’re completely right, when attaching a file from Google Drive Asana doesn’t load any thumbnail (while it does when attaching from your computer). The reason behind that behaviour, is that when attaching a doc from Google Drive, Asana does not store the document itself, but just the link to this document. And this is pretty much the same reason why Asana doesn’t update file names, it does not have access to this information, the only thing Asana stores is the link pointing to this document.

I don’t believe we have planned to make any changes in the near future, but we will certainly take your feedback onboard when we revisit attachments!


Thank you. This would improve my Asana experience by leaps and bounds.