Figma File Previews in Board Views


Longtime Asana fan and user- I am suggesting a feature which would make a lot of people’s lives so much easier when collaborating with teams in Board views.

I recently noticed that when adding a Figma file link to the description, it generates a preview of the file which you can zoom into which i LOVE! This has been great in my Social Media content creation role for my team to see an at-a-glance preview without having to click into the link.

My suggestion: to integrate the Figma link preview into the Board view so we don’t have to upload a PNG or JPG as an attachment for the file to preview. Eg below

Hi @Fabiola_Ariza , welcome to the forum :smiley:

There seems to be an integration available, have you had a look at this?

Seems like it will show up in task descriptions and comments, hopefully for boards too! Try it and let us know :wink: