Few tweaks for iOS app


Hi, although I’m a premium user, I exclusively use the app through my phone and iPad (mostly phone). The ease of speed by which you can set up a task is amazing and beats desktop hands down, but some quirks still remain

1- when adding a taak, you can choose the project, but not the section/column. Once the project is saved, then from within the tasks the section/column can be chosen. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do both at the same time, and reduce it by two clicks?

2- there’s no access to asana calendar in the app itself.

3- custom fields are not visible. I understand this might be due to real estate restrictions, but maybe they can at least be shown in landscape mode. Somethings can be learned here from dapulse. This applies to list view

4- custom fields to be visible on cards a al trello.

5- color coding the projects has no effect on them unless you enter the project. Would be great if the project is highlighted in its colors very lightly.

6- I personally don’t see the positive of having an edit button within the tasks. You can already change the project, the section, and the date. Why should I have access to description, tasks name, sub tasks and tags from the same view. Why can I edit half without clicking edit, and the others I have to click edit, open a new page, and change one by one.

7- if a project has a color, it would be good to see your tasks in my task pane with the same color backgroud highlight. Or at least to be able to sort tasks list based on project rather than just date, incomplete etc.

8- be able to see and choose the background details of the board (not urgent or life changing)


I agree iOS app is really coming along and I use it as my primary Asana interface on my iPad Pro. I’d like custom fields to be visiable in the list view as well. Also I’d like to be able to add projects using templates. Also need to have google drive attachments working correctly as I cite in another thread. 80% there but that last 20% can drive you crazy.


I agree with a lot of the tweaks. If I may add, it would be really convenient for the iOS app to offer bullet and number formatting options, since I frequently use Asana to take notes during trainings.


Hi, I just signed up my start-up to premium after moving over from Trello due to Asana meeting our needs better with the sophistication and depth it offers. A big part of that are the custom fields, and I am disappointed to see that for now I can’t see them, let alone edit them, in the iPad version - I am using a pro 10.5 and like the other posters here, frequently use it for meetings and other mobile applications (cramped plane). So I’d like to also vote for adding this functionality in particular, as well as the entire bullet list from the first poster, as soon as possible. Saw you guys got $75mm in funding late Jan., so looking forward to seeing that put to use on improving your already great product with those types of features!