Feedback + requests re: Forms

  • The Name and Email field should not be mandatory
  • You should be able to edit where the data is connected to and not have it all default to the Description. For example:
    • You should be able to select a field that populates the Task Title
    • The due date should fill in the task’s due-date, not be added to the description
    • It should be possible to set an assignee from the list
  • It should be possible to GET a list of Asana accounts and use that in a dropdown or multiselect
  • The splash page at the end (what you see after making a form submission) should not be an advertisement for Asana

Hi @Collin_Vine :wave:t3:

Thank you so much for providing us with your feedback! Generally, we don’t recommend using one thread for multiple feedback at once since it makes it very hard for us to follow-up on, or for other members to vote; would you mind creating different threads for these different feedback?

Many thanks Collin!