[Feedback] Labeling Asana Academy Course Categories as "Complete"

As a part of my lifelong learning objective each year, I have enjoyed taking one of your Asana Academy courses each month. I like the fact that when you have completed a course, it has a purple label on the upper right hand corner that reminds me that it is “Complete” (see first screenshot below). I was wondering if you could put the same “Complete” label on the category when you have completed all of the courses within that category (see second screenshot below). For example, could you put a “Complete” label on the “Learn Asana basics” category card since I’ve completed all of the courses within that category. Then if you should ever add a new course to that category, then the “Complete” label for that category will be gone, which will flag me to check out the new course. When I have completed that new course, the “Complete” label will be restored on the category card. The labeling of the category cards will also make choosing courses each month more efficient while making the goal of having all of the category cards labeled “Complete” as much as possible much more motivating. Thank you for reading my request; I hope it is worthy of your consideration and time.


Hi @Steven_Louie, it’s so inspiring to hear about your commitment to take an Academy course each month! What an awesome goal you’ve set out for yourself.

I’m on the Customer Education team here at Asana, and I really appreciate your feedback about a more responsive completion tag for an entire series of courses in Asana Academy. We’re always looking for more seamless ways to support customers in finding and consuming the training materials they need. So I very much value these suggestions. While this functionality isn’t currently available on our learning platform, I’ve passed your feedback on to the platform and they’ll definitely take it into consideration as they plan updates. Many thanks!


Maggie, thank you for your quick and kind response. I look forward to seeing that functionality when it becomes available. It provides a kind of positive reinforcement to goal/task-oriented people like me :wink:. In the meantime, I was able to complete another Asana course today for this month. Keep up the good training material!

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