Feedback: Changing date causes scroll down


Love the product but it absolutely does my head in that when I change the date on a task it then moves the whole dashboard to that date. So annoying and wastes lots of time scrolling back to where I was.

So, I look down my list of tasks for today - some of them I can;t do - either because I’m waiting or because I don;t have enough time, so I click on each - move one to tomorrow, another to next week, another to next month etc.
Each time I do that it scrolls the entire view to the new date, so then for the next one I have to scroll back up, do it again, scroll back up, do it again.

it’s illogical - surely I should just be able to select a new date, the task goes down the list, I go on to the next task in line for today?


Yes this drives me crazy! I wish there was a way to adjust so it doesn’t do this. I hope someone from Asana responds.