Features Request: Calendar enhancements

We use the calendar a lot to see an overview of all the tasks at hand for any particular month. We try to plan weeks and even months in advance. I wanted to list out a few things I’d like to see for the calendar functionality:

  1. An option to bring back the Team Calendar link on the left navigation bar. It would be so much easier for us access with fewer clicks.

  2. A sorting feature in Team Calendar to sort our tasks by project or people in one overall view for each day of the month.

  3. More views. Maybe 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, and an “always show weekends” option for those who utilize asana and task management for weekends. Also, it would be nice if the calendar automatically showed all tasks without having to constantly click on the “# more” link" to expand that week. I believe most companies have more than 4 tasks for each day, especially on the team calendar.

  4. A way to shut off or minimize the animation when hovering over each task. This can be quite a distraction.

  5. A much more noticeable way to indicate tasks that are time-sensitive; also Today’s date having a light blue background would be a nice touch. :wink:

Hi @dssong,

for the 3rd point, exactly: “always show weekends”, you can:

  • Mark to show weekends
  • Save View for Everyone

That should help you to always show weekends.

This is my first reply in this forum, so hope it’s correct and helps.

You can Save View for Everyone on the Team Calendar?