Features in Asana


Hi all.

We are considering to implement Asana in our company. And for that we have some very important features that needs to be automated.

We’re running a theatre, where we have acting classes.

The point is to use Asana as a project management tool/check list when ever we schedule a new class.

When we schedule a new class this triggers an event of 50 small minor steps that needs to be done.

These tasks are usually hadled by 3 different people.

One takes care of creating the event in backend / facebook and other promotion platforms
Another one handled the scheduling and assignment of teachers + paying the teachers invoice
The third one handles the sales process and online marketing.

This whole process takes a timeline of 2-3 months and is dependant on previous tasks been done before others can begin?

I know you can create templates for boards. My question is can you copy assigned tasks to the specific steps too when you create a board from a saved template?

Can you forinstance have a template that when you create it from a certain date the different time/deadlines is automatically created.

This will save us a lot of time.


Asana does not feature date sequencing as a feature but it is easy to build into a CSV import with Excel Date Math as I have attached. Asana does have task dependencies “Waiting On” and does have the ability to search for these in the Advanced Search. It does not have the ability to change a date and have everything else in the dependency string change. The blue shaded cells are your input with the rest calculated. This certainly can be expanded. I also heard they are trying to release the ability to add sub-tasks in the next 2 weeks.
Hope this helps.