Feature suggestion - auto-onboarding project


Had an idea for something that would make onboarding easier. Asana has created a lot of great resources available to help someone get their feet under them. This idea is for a feature they could build to give new users the same base understanding from day 1…

What if when someone was added to Asana, they were auto-added to an Asana-created Onboarding Project and assigned 10-20 tasks to complete? Their manager was added to the project to watch progress toward completion?

Each task in the project has the new user read short explanations about how to work in Asana, or asks them to watch one of the many wonderful videos, etc. The user checks off tasks as the go along. The last task has them delete or archive the project.

I know Asana has an onboarding template that seeks to accomplish this. But the idea here is that the system auto-creates and assigns project and its tasks when a new user is added, also adding the manager as a follower (a field where you can @ the manager). This would ensure each new user gets the basic training for Asana success.

And if you wouldn’t want to make it mandatory, you could also make the “Auto Onboarding Project” option optional via a check box selection when adding a user. I’d select it every time to get that common knowledge to each user.


Great idea! :wink: