Feature 'Status Board' to outline the Asana roadmap


Hi all,

I came to the community to see if a feature I’m currently keen on seeing (specially being able to see the project a tasks belongs to in the ‘My Tasks’ list in the iPad app) was being discussed/considered for future inclusion into the Asana iOS app. I see that many people have requested this feature so no need for me to post again.

With that though I suggest maybe a status board outlining what features to expect in upcoming releases. I don’t care for timeline or anything around when the release will be public. I also understand many features need to be kept secretive. But that said I think there’s room for something like:

Version: 5.18.0
Status: in development

  • support for 10.5 iPad
  • drag and drop
  • view associated projector each task in My Tasks
  • super secret feature we’re excited to release

I always though the Cultured Code status page did the job in terms of outlining what was being addressed in a forthcoming release.


Thanks for the consideration


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