Feature Requests for More Interactive Boards


A few features that I think would make managing projects on boards much more approachable.

  1. Copy tasks by Alt + Click and Drag. - Duplicating tasks feels way more intensive than it needs to be. Even if this feature specifically isn’t possible, any way to reduce the number of steps to copy would be a huge improvement. That little carrot in the bottom right, currently only has a delete option. That would be a neat place for some added utility!

  2. Ability to copy entire columns, or multiples tasks at one. - As an example, I’m using a board to keep track of training for my staff. Each staff member gets their own column, so each column is identical. I’ve had to copy each task individually for each staff member. It saves me a ton of time in the long run, but set up is super tedious, and could be greatly optimized.

  3. Sub-Tasks drop down - Just the ability to view and edit sub-tasks beneath their respective cards.


@Gabriel. Your #2 is exactly what i was checking if this is a possible feature.
Now i see your questions is dated 6 months ago. Are you aware if it’s a possibility now?
thank you!


It’s still not possible. Very strange to have such a simple but necessary feature missing like this!