Feature Request: "task in a project, a project by itself"



Tasks and projects are similar in some ways, so similar, that we even have a “Convert task to project” feature.

As there is the possibility to convert a task to a project, I would like to have the possibility of viewing a task as a project, without having to create one.

My case:

I have a Macro project in which I have a general idea of some tasks. I need to have this vision.

But to start planning work for that task to be done, I need to create subtasks, and maybe even more subtasks within them.

By doing so, I lose the benefit of the great display that Projects have (Boards and Lists), and I get stuck in that list view in which I can’t even create sections.

So, what I am doing now is, I have to create a project with the same name as the task from the Macro Vision one, and from there plan the rest of the work.

By doing so, I duplicate tasks, and I lose track of the status of each piece of work that is involved in that demand.


Hi @MMalke and thanks for sharing this great feedback with us! I don’t believe this in our near-term plans, but we will definitely keep it in mind for future improvements!

I’ve slightly edited your title so it better reflects your idea and to make it more discoverable by other users. Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback with us, we really appreciate it!