Feature request: Subtask counter

Do you have a plan and the ability to add a small counter showing how much this task has subtasks? Maybe a counter showing how many submissions have been made / how much remains to be done / how much % was realizedhow?
Something that will allow one look at whether this task is more complex, how complex and how many submissions have been made and how much has been done?
One look will allow me to understand where I am with this task.


This is a great idea, and would definitely be helpful to my team. It’s been suggested in several Community threads, so Asana is aware of it and hopefully they’ll work it in to a future update.

+1 I hope this feature.

Hi everyone,

Quick update to let you know we rolled out a new List view: Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View! - #24 which includes subtasks coun. Note this is also available in Boards. More info in this guide article: List View Redesign • Asana

Have all a great day!

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