Feature Request: Sub-task Due Date Based on Parent Task Due Date

Maybe there is already a workaround for this, but is there a way to create a due date for a sub-task based on the due date of the parent task? As an example, the task (Close of escrow) is due 2/28/2018 and the sub-task (Remove buyer’s contingencies) is due 28 days before parent task due date? It would be even better (pit in the sky) if the due dates were dynamic and automatically adjusted based on the due date of the parent task. Things change and if a buyer moved their close of escrow date up to say 2/20/2018 it would be great to see what stress points needed extra attention to achieve the request.

It would be awesome for companies like ours that do very repetitive tasks to have this functionality built into the templates as well. So when you create a template project you set the initial due date for the parent task (Move-in for Approved Applicants) as 1/15/2018, the tenant’s requested move-in date, and it would automatically set the due date for the sub-task (confirm Tenant has set-up utilities) as due 3 days prior to the task due date, or 1/12/2018. Thanks for reading.

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