Feature request - status type of evergreen

Within Asana, it is common to create “evergreen” projects; I have a few “project of projects” in Asana for Sprints, Project Backlogs, etc. It would be valuable for me to set a status for these evergreen projects as “evergreen” (or the like) to differentiate these from actual projects. In webinars with Asana, the terminology was used by devs, so it doesn’t seem like a stretch. Thank you!

Welcome, @James_Phetteplace,

Until/if Asana adds this, maybe there’s something of value for you below…

The tools for specifying attributes of projects are:

  • Project Color (how about using green?!)
  • Project Icon
  • Project name (perhaps commander that with a type value at the end: “Backlog | Evergreen”)
  • Portfolio-level custom fields (if you’re on Business or Enterprise you could have a Project Type single- or multi-select field with one option value of Evergreen)

While Asana and others of us do use the term “evergreen projects,” that’s as a project type, not a project Status. I feel Status is seen as a feature for another purpose so I’d be surprised if Asana adds the value there.



Thanks Larry. I already use color/icon/name. We are using Premium. I will further articulate the value of my request from my perspective.

There are already ways of differentiating the “things” in a project - milestones, tasks, subtasks, for example. Without portfolio (which in my experience with demos is not a silver bullet), I have limited means to organize my projects coherently. If you have more than ten “starred” projects, the value of the star diminishes. Colors? There’s a limit the number of colors you can choose. Naming convention? If the naming convention gets too long, the title gets truncated on the left hand menu. Let’s not even go down the mobile app path in this regard.

Further, as a PM, I am mentally geared toward filling in all the blanks. Every time I open an evergreen project, I have that “Set status” staring at me at the top of the screen. It peeves me to see that. I can’t make it go away for evergreen projects, and I can’t choose a status that doesn’t apply to this flavor of “project” in Asana. It just sits there, unfulfilled, like a musical chord progression that never resolves. We can’t add our own custom status types, and that is not on the dev roadmap to my knowledge. Therefore, I don’t feel like this request is too much to humbly request.