Feature Request - Sort Tags by assignee



In our org, seeing tasks sorted by a project in a tag is helpful, but seeing tasks sorted by assignee would be even better when looking at a tag view. Can this be an option?


Hi @Khalil_Omer

Unless I’ve misunderstood, you can do this using advanced search. You just search for all tasks tagged ‘x’, then sort the view by assignee. Here’s an example for the tag ‘Green’:

That gives you all tasks associated with that tag, sorted by assignee. Is that what you’re looking for?


Hi Mark,

That does do the trick, however it means switching back-and-forth between
the advanced search and the tag. Because in the advanced search report you
can’t really make changes.



Just wanted to +1 this and ask if this is underway. The assignnee button is visible in the tag view but does nothing when clicked.