Feature Request: Sort projects on a board



Hello all,

Thanks for an awesome product. You guys rock!

We have a feature request to make which would be a huge time-saver and a general improvement to your product.

Can we have the ability to sort projects in a board? Ie, we have many different stages that a project has to go through. And if we could just drag and drop a project to a new particular stage, would be super helpful. Right now we have to create a “task” on the board with the same name as the project, and always remember to update it twice…

Thanks in advance for your help and consideration.


Yeah that would be a cool feature. One possible work around would be the following;

In each Project have the first task in the project be the name of the project. You can then add that task to the board project that you use to view at what stage the project is in. One task can be in both a List Project and a Board Project.

Hope that helps.