Feature Request: Snooze tasks from 'Today'


One of my favourite things about Asana is how I can leave most of my tasks in “Upcoming” and “Later” so that I can focus on a select number of tasks in “Today”.

I often have tasks that I don’t want to work on today, but I want to be reminded of on a future day.

My workaround at present is to set a Due Date in the future and put the task into Upcoming or Later. On the due date, the task is returned to my “Today” section for consideration.

However, this means I’m using Due Date for two different purposes:

  1. To tell me the date something is actually due
  2. To set a date on which I want to be reminded about the task.

I would like a ‘snooze’ feature that works similarly to Due Date (auto-promotes the task to “Today” on the date) but is separate so that I can clearly see real deadlines, rather than a mix of deadlines and reminder dates.


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