Feature request: snooze/remind button



I use Asana extensively. Unfortunately, as we work with humans, one can never count on others performing the task as intended, or even reading them. In other products, I often see a snooze/remind button, which makes is very easy to setup a reminder for yourself to follow-up, for instance in Close.io (https://help.close.io/customer/portal/articles/2026252-inbox):

Asana has is the option to create a follow-up task, however, I find it inconvenient:

  1. It is a slow way, since it provides with all options to create a new task, for instance assign to someone else and to provide a description. What I want is simplicity: quickly create a task that will appear in ‘My tasks’ at some point in time.
  2. The task created is a regular task, meaning it has no direct relation to the task for which a reminder is set. Only a link is created. I’d prefer a sub-task.