[Feature - Request] Set Priority per task


Sometimes we have lot of tasks under a project to do but we don’t know about the priority of the task means which task should be do first etc

Upon creating the task there should be an option to set the priority of the task like
Priority #1 - High
Priority #2 - Normal
Priortity #3 - Low

Priority will help dev to do task without any hassle


You can do this with custom fields or sections. Sections may be hard because you may already have sections to break up the various tasks by function or department, etc.


I agree that this is very easy for custom fields. If you are using the free version, you could use Tags also.


@Karan_Jagota if you use the premium version you can use custom fields for this purpose


Oops sorry missed previous replies!! Sorry to repeat what was already said (pitfalls of using my phone !)