Feature Request: set date range for a task



I’d love to be able to set a date range for a task. Ex: This task is my team member’s main priority from Wednesday - Friday. This will let them know the date range they have to complete a project, with absolute drop deadline on Friday. This will also help my calendar view and see if there are overlapping projects for team members.


@Jennifer_Yu :smiley: I think you’ll be excited to read what Shannon has to say about the future of Asana in this post…see “start dates and timeline view”…


Sweet!! I can’t wait to see that, that’s really my only pain point with Asana as of right now. Do you know when they think they can roll that out?


Glad to hear it! We cannot guarantee a timeline, but we’re definitely prioritizing it :slight_smile:


Awesome, can’t wait!


Date ranges for tasks seems like such an important feature for Asana. The calendar is really not usable without this. Is anyone else using a different tool in conjunction with Asana for this purpose?


Thanks for your thoughts! We hear your feedback and we hope that what’s in the pipeline will address your needs. We’ll provide updates as soon as we have them :slight_smile:


Just to add on the importance of this feature :

If Asana teams use Asana for their work planning, follow-up, etc. how can they work without date range ??? :astonished:
Unless they don’t use Asana or have a better version of it that they keep for themselves !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to discovering what Asana will offer on this.


This is a really important feature. Is there any update on when it will be rolled out? Without this I don’t see how Asana is a useful project management tool. Thanks


Hello Mercia, I am using Instagantt for now. The syncing with Asana is great, it is fairly cheap ($7.00/user.month). Once Asana improves the calendar date range we will not need to use third parties anymore.


Looks like Asana started rolling out the feature. This morning I discovered that I’m now able to add a date range for a task’s due date. Is anyone else able to add a date range?

demo showing how to add a date range


I just saw that today but it won’t add the task to all the days just the due date. Anyone else have that problem?


Same, hopefully they can get it to show the full Date Range in the Calendar.

Like others in this thread, Im using Instagantt for the meantime.

Good luck Asana team!


I was just about to ask for the date range to show in the calendar as the whole range too, but wouldn’t want to add to the burden if it’s already being done! But if it isn’t, if it could be considered that would be lovely.


This is such a needed feature, but I it doesn’t seem to appear on my paid account as active. @Alexis can you tell us when this is officially being rolled out?


We aren’t able to provide updates on feature requests at this time. Please take a look at this post for more info:


I see that this feature has been released. What is the expected behavior of this feature with a recurring task (e.g., daily)?


Really excited to have date range for a task. Now we just need it to see it on the calendar as a range. Not just on the last day of the range. If I can get that. This will open the door for more projects. Super helpful for event planning or implementation plans.


But it appears that it has already rolled out, but not showing up on my account. Per this thread others are already using it.


I LOVE the date range feature – but the integration with Instagantt is super wonky. Specifically:

When I set a date range in Asana, the task still shows up as starting and ending on the due date, it completely ignores the start date I set in Asana.

when I have set a due date for a task (e.g. Jul 31), then use Instagantt to drag in a start date (e.g. Jul 30), the Asana DUE date will change to the START date I set in Instagantt (i.e. Jul 30), even though there’s now a field for start date in Asana. Then in Asana it looks like it’s always due on the Start date (causing team confusion/heart palpitations!)

When I create a task in Asana with a date range, it doesn’t set a start date in Asana.

This functionality would be REALLY helpful and avoid a lot of frustration trying to reflect workloads. Thank you Asana team!