Feature Request: Search Comments


When searching for tasks, it would be great to be able to search through the content of comments. Often I don’t remember the specific task, however I know the contents of one of the comments. Being able to quickly find these would be a huge time saver.


hell yeah :heart:


My team was discussing this the other day. Searching comments within a task would be extremely helpful as we have long conversations. Also the ability to reply directly to a specific comment, sort and have the comments sit above the activity details


+1 from me as well. I comment throughout tasks and often want to confirm I went though all of my comments, or need to be able to confirm I left a comment.

It’d be nice if new comments also re-opened a task so it’s easy to find after the fact.


Yes, please! Or at least it would be nice to run a report on user mentions. So, if I need to find all the comments where one of my developers is mentioned, I can go and see if they’ve responded to client questions. :smiley: