Feature Request: "Save Report" even if the advanced search returns no search hits



It would be really handy if we could save the conditions of an advanced search (ie “save report”) even if those conditions return no search hits at the current moment.

Example: An organisation I manage has many tasks that repeat daily in different projects and teams. I want to check quickly that they have been completed properly with fields selected. So I make a report for doing this (very very handy feature btw), effectively I am wanting my search to return no results (meaning everything has been completed properly).

I just can’t save this search in asana’s current format, so I have to go and create dummy tasks that will meet the search conditions, save the search, then delete the dummy tasks.
Lately I have been offloading this task checking to other users… So I link my reports in a conversation, they go to save them and nope can’t save, no search results. I then have to go through setting up the whole array of dummy tasks again, while stepping them through the advanced search procedure, for each report I want them to have, then deleting the dummy tasks etc etc. Very frustrating.

Please can we look at having “save report” functionality without the search having to hit a result.

It could look something like this in a window:
Hmm… nothing matches your search, are you sure you want to save this as a report”? with “NO - refine search” or “OK” buttons below.