Feature Request - request a task



I’m not sure if this feature has been talked about before, but I didn’t see it while I was scrolling through the forum. We run into an issue a lot where people will assign tasks but there isn’t a good way to decline a task. It’s become kind of a joke in the office where we call it “Assign-a.”

If there was a way to add a way to request a task or decline a task it would be very helpful. :smiley:


Hmm, interesting idea. This seems similar to my thread here:

The consensus seems to be that someone who is assigned a task needs to speak up if they have concerns about the assignment or due date. Your suggestion would be helpful to take some of the intimidation away from this back-and-forth, especially for people who assign their superiors or less-close colleagues to tasks.

It seems straightforward enough to have a request become an In Box notification, but there might be a question about how to treat requests while they’re pending, and what happens if someone makes a differing unilateral assignment and then the request is accepted later.