Feature Request: remove updates of who joined the project

`Dear Asana team,

I want to request the ability to remove updates on who joined a project, found on the ‘overview’ page - right-hand column.

Reason: If I am to train my subordinates on using Asana status updates, as well as training my leaders to rely on the status updates as the best way to keep track of projects, I need the status update area to be very concise and free of distractions. The constant “[user x] joined” updates that infiltrate the status updates area is very distracting and do not add value to the project.

If anything, the list of who joined the project is misplaced.

Thank you for listening!

In my opinion, this is not really a status update area in the bottom half but rather a timeline of events for this project so it only makes sense to have those info there. Does your team need to see other status updates than the last one?

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: You are correct that this column is a ‘timeline’ rather than a historical record of status updates. My team wants it to become more of the latter. The reason is that a timeline is low value to us, whereas a clear record of status is extremely high value and will lead to greater adoption of the tool by management.

If I may add/correct my prior answer:

We find a timeline, if it were to contain only status updates, extremely valuable.

We find a timeline that contains “who joined” much lower value because that information is not important to us.

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