Feature Request: Reminders

I’d love to be able to set up a reminder so that, for example, if I assign something to a colleague that’s due in a week, I can create a reminder for myself to follow up.

Hi @Nicole_Small,

What about using follow-up tasks? https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/actions#gl-actions-list?


Agree with @Marie’s suggestion.

Another option is to Save a Search (Report) for Tasks created by you, but not assigned to you (so someone else), that are Incomplete but Due within the next X number of days. You could save that Search and check it once a day and just Comment on any Tasks asking for an update. I use this kind of Report myself.

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I like the idea of follow up tasks, @Marie. If the original task is completed, is the follow up task also completed at the same time? Or are they completely separate?