Feature Request: Regular Expression search for Tasks



We’d like to humbly submit a feature request:

In our account we have a project called “Backlinks”. A task listed in that project is “https://www.choosechicago.com/partners/contact-us/“.

But here’s the problem. Searching Asana for “choosechicago” yields no results. We have to search for the full URL to see anything in search results. That’s not helpful for our team. We rarely know the full URL when we’re looking for it.

Thanks for everything you do!


As a workaround you could add “keywords” next to the links to make sure you can find them again with the search engine.


Additional to @Bastien_Siebman suggestion, you can use the choosechicago (or choosechicago.com) as the Task name and the URL https://www.choosechicago.com/partners/contact-us/ at the task description.

By this way, you will be able to click on the URL and redirect to the page. By using the URL on the task name you have to copy and paste it into your browser and it is a total waste of time :slight_smile:

Hope I helped.


Hi @Mike_Bielenberg - Thanks for posting! I’ve taken the liberty of moving your thread to the product feedback category. Feel free to vote for this thread if you’d like to see the feature!


One workaround we’ve found is to use our browser search function. All major browsers allow you to search a web page for specific text strings. That seems to be working for now. Not sure why we didn’t think of this sooner. D’oh!

Thanks for your help, everyone.