Feature Request: Projects as Board Columns



Tried Trello boards for a day and liked them. Next day noticed I like Asana’s intuitive fast ui more, and remembered it also has boards.
Went to Asana’s boards to see its boards require as many clicks as Trello for simple operations, more clicks then in regular Asana project.

Here is feature request: Add “Sections:” to project list. When selecting a “Project” display it the regular way. When selecting “Project Section:” display all projects from “Project Section:”, each project has same look as in regular view, but less wide so multiple projects can fit on screen at the same time. Allow drag and drop between projects on screen.
Or allow multiple project selection, and display as described above. This way clicking “Project Sections:” could select multiple projects, and after it user could select more projects and they would display in multi project view (boards view)

This way asana will have “Boards” feature with fast interface, common interface between “Boards” and “Project” views (faster thought process switching, easier learning curve), less unique features (easier to maintain, maybe)


I second this motion. It is great to see TASKS in a Kanban Board view. But what about seeing PROJECTS that way too, so that we can quickly see what PHASE the project is in? Imagine if people can list all their projects (not tasks) in board view! Similar to a Sales Funnel view of all Leads.