Feature request: Postpone until tomorrow


Would LOVE to have a one-click way to set the due date to the next day AND move the task into the “Later” category. (I’d prefer “later,” not “upcoming,” because I don’t want to see it until tomorrow.)


Good idea!


That would be awesome! +1


Good idea, @Emily_Springfield

Just out of interest, what tasks do you tend to keep in Upcoming? Or do you permanently have that section collapsed?

I tend to have tasks in Upcoming that are due within the next month.


Hi, Mark –

I leave “Upcoming” open, and it has a couple subsections: This Week, Follow
Up, and Ongoing. That lets me see bit further ahead than today, but doesn’t
overwhelm with stuff that doesn’t actively need my attention.

Follow Up is especially important to me. If I need to, say, schedule a
meeting, I can move the task “Schedule meeting” from “Today” to “Follow up”
after I send the invite. Once it’s accepted, I mark it off. This saves me
having to make two tasks (“send invite” and “schedule meeting”) and also
keeps the Today list focused on stuff I need to DO, as opposed to things I
just can’t quite check off yet.


@Mark_Hudson I keep in Upcoming only a few items that are important. Anything with a due date is pushed to Later and comes back, until it is the Due Date. The suggested feature makes a lot of sense for me especially when I feel overwhelmed for the current day and need to clean things up by pushing tasks to tomorrow.


That’s a thought-provoking way of using it. I never think to add sections within the sections in My Tasks, but I know a lot of people do. I like your example. :+1:


I just watched a training webinar on the API, and they mentioned the possibility of writing scripts to automate little tasks in Asana. That might be a way of getting tasks to automatically go to Later when the date is pushed back.

I say this as someone who has no idea how to write scripts, but I like the idea!


With webhooks you could do that indeed :+1: but I am not sure I would want it to apply all the time :thinking: