Feature Request: Pickwhip Dependency Selection in List/Board Views

I love dependencies, but using the search box to set them in list view can be a drag. The task I want to set as blocker is right there… I can see it… but I can’t tell Asana without typing the name, reading the list, and verifying one of the suggestions is correct.

Timeline view has draggable handles to set dependencies, which are great, but sometimes you want to stay in list view.

I’d love to have Adobe’s pickwhip (if it’s not patented) in List/Board Views. Like the handles in Timeline, you drag from the handle to another task, and it sets a connection.


Just a dream. Thanks for considering!


Until/if that feature becomes available, you can get quite close to that behavior, and streamline your process greatly, with the following:

  1. Right-click “Job Ticket and Asana Project” then choose Copy task link
  2. In the Delivery task detail (it’s still open despite Step 1), click Dependency > Add dependencies and paste the copied link where it says “Find a task” and hit Enter

Hope that helps,


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