Feature Request: Option to Auto-fill Task Name based off Project Names (Predictive Text)



Hi all,

Our Agency has a monumental amount of Unique Client Projects to deal with. And I spend a lot of time typing out the same thing, over and over, in order to follow the predetermined naming conventions. This is in addition to me using Custom Project Templates as well.

A feature I would love to see added, in some way or another, is an auto-fil or auto-complete when you create or edit tasks within a project. Even better, would be Task Names are Pre-Filled with the Parent Project’s Name.

Example Parent Project (in the side bar/pannel):
[Client Name] - Project Name -

When I create a new task in the above-listed project, I then have to manually type [Client Name ] - Project Name - (Then the dev phase Discovery/Scope/etc) - (Finally the task info).

If you had the ability to auto-fill or auto-complete words based on what the project was named. Or even just a simple predictive text feature, it would save those of us managing massive amounts of projects and tasks, a lot of time.

I hope this makes sense, and if anyone feels the same way, or has a hack to throw my way, I am all ears.

My current hack is to type it all in manually, within detailed templates, then add/replace words according to each new project. With is redundant and not an effective use of anyone’s time.