Feature Request: option for more general email notifications (regarding GDPR)



I love using Asana, it is a great tool for project management!

Since in Europe the new General Data Protection Regulation is active, we are looking at different ways how we can protect information even more.

Our team makes use of the option of email notifications that are sent out for any updates of tasks we are following (My Profile Settings->To Email->All activity), and we couldn’t live without it.

My concern is about the content of that email notifications. Your emails are great, it is fantastic to comment a ticket just by replying to an email! But we are missing an option to switch to email notifications that are sent in a much more general manner.

Once again, this is only regarding privacy and not about levels of notifications (Notification Levels and Settings).

Here are some examples:
If a team member ads a comment to a ticket, emails are sent out to every follower of that ticket containing the full content. Here we would like to just see " has added a new comment."
If a team member ads an image or PDF file to a ticket, we would like to see " has added a PDF file."

Because this is what we think a “notification” should look like. And as a bonus to all of us with having GDPR in mind, it would strengthen privacy level 100%.

Let me know what you are thinking about this.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,