Feature Request: Open Google Drive from Asana


I would love to be able to open Google Drive directly from Asana. We use Docs extensively to develop the content that goes along with projects and tasks, so a typical workflow includes creating a new Doc and then attaching it to Asana. I usually open a new tab in Chrome and type “d,” and the browser auto-completes “drive.google.com.” I could also make a bookmark. It would be nice to have an “Open Google Drive” button or menu option to go straight there, perhaps with a configurable destination.

Yes, this is probably the laziest possible feature request. Hopefully the Community is a safe space for honesty. :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s lazy, it actually fits in with another request (can’t find it at the moment). But basically asking that there be a folder system for files.

I think attaching a “folder” (from dropbox/google drive/etc) would be helpful. That way you can put all project docs in a folder structure and attach the root folder.


This is a neat idea! What you might be afraid is laziness just sounds like efficiency to me :slight_smile: Honesty is good, especially when it’s delivered so kindly.


Thanks to @Geoff_Manning and @Alexis for your support. I’m fairly ambivalent about whether Asana should encourage file storage within the platform; I probably come down on the side that Google and others already do this, so I’d rather Asanas spend their time coding unique features. I also appreciate having some redundancy in separating files from tasks, and Google offers more collaboration and integration with other apps than Asana would want to reinvent. That said, for teams that want to keep everything in one place, folders within Asana seem reasonable.


That’s not lazy. It’s efficient. We also use drive extensively and it’s difficult to work with word files and other non google documents that are not editable in the window itself if linked in a task. It would be nice if the time spent to locate the file to open it and then edit it were eliminated. Thanks Craig. Hope they listen.


To go even one step further, it’d be nice to be able to actually edit Google Docs (maybe not Sheets, etc.) directly in Asana, perhaps with a slightly simplified interface. Not sure this is actually possible, but it would be nice, especially for those of us who are heavy users of Asana + Google Drive.


I just tried this for the first time. The thing that makes the Google Drive integration unusable (for me) is that it presents my entire organizations list of files, not the subset specific to my user profile.


Definitely upvote for this one!! I would however go farther and have a “Create file…” option in which Google Drive is an option and one can select the folder in which you want to create the file and having this file directly added as attachment to Asana.

We often create additional documentation linked to tasks in Asana. It is possible with the attachment option to attach existing documents from Google Drive to the task at hands, but user experience could be improved if it would be possible to create google documents from Asana instead of first needing to create the file outside Asana and then linking it with attachment option.

Ah well laziness or indeed efficiency :slight_smile: