Feature Request: Multiple account switching


HI there,

I use Asana all day everyday. Love the product and always telling people about it.

I have multiple accounts, for employment, personal use etc. It would be really helpful if I could switch between accounts easily.
At the moment I need to logout and in for each account.



Go to your profile settings > From email and add your other emails. Once validated, you will be able to switch using the menu available on your avatar :+1:

Asana consultant, author and developer


Hi Bastien,

Thank you for your reply.

I just had a look at your suggestion and when adding an email address to ‘From Emails’, I am told I can merge accounts. I don’t want to merge, I want to maintain multiple accounts.


I believe the wording to be inaccurate, @Marie will confirm. In this case, merging is “having access to different accounts with the same interface” and not “merging all projects and tasks into one single account”.


OK, thank you Bastien. The language is not clear in that case.
I will wait for that confirmation, that would cause quite a bit of frustration if merged.


Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman! No worries, @David_Harrington I’m happy to bring a bit of clarity here!

This “merge” option (https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/accounts#gl-merge-accounts) allows you to access different spaces (Workspaces/Organizations) from a unique account, you will be able to easily switch from one space to the other following these steps: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/about-asana#gl-switch.

That said, each of your Organizations/Workspaces will remain completely independent. For example, your colleagues from Organization A will not see that you’re a member of Organization B and vice versa.

Essentially, merging your accounts allows you to maintain different spaces while keeping them completely separate, all from one single account!

Hope this helps, but if you have any follow-up questions, please let me know!