Feature Request - Moving Task to be a Subtask in a new Task


Hi Asana team,

Hope you’re doing well!

Imagine your project board looks like this:


Would it be possible to make a feature in which you click and drag TASK B and put it in TASK A to make TASK B a subtask under TASK A?

For our workflow, there are some users who will generate separate tasks when, for organizational purposes, it’d make more sense to be a subtask. It takes a bit more effort to transpose that separate task into a new subtask, so it’d make things easier on our end if we could just move individual tasks to be subtasks after they’re created.



In list mode you can drag and drop a task from the middle pane to the right pane. It is not possible in board, so the solution could be to use the search to see the tasks from that board in list mode and drag and drop. Not sure that works, I can’t test it I am on my iPad :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you SO MUCH! This is super helpful and found we’re able to do exactly that.

Very much appreciate the quick response on this.