Feature Request: More flexible dashboard



Besides all the project dashboard I also have two personal dashboard one to handle my tasks, one to handle requests I made to others.

This is not a project per se and it would be great if in the dashboard I could adjust the view to something different. E.g. I’d like to see overall performance (tasks opened, closed per week), plus how many are open right now, plus how many are overdue, due this week.

More like a current status and performance indicator instead of “finish” cause I will never finish those boards :wink:

Overwhelmed by projects/tasks

+1 for this one. I would also like to track projects based on different attributes. We have many projects, for which it is important to get a quick overview, but which will either never end or are quite long. One project we have with a few partners, for example, has a three year timeline. That makes it kind of hard to use the dashboard effectively, if I can’t tune it to other project aspects. :wink:


@Miriam_Grundig how do you create personal dashboards with My Tasks and Tasks I’ve Assigned to Others?