Feature Request: Manually set and fix time zone


My team is remote and work across geographies. I also travel to various time zones. I find it difficult to manage dates in the tasks when I’m not sure which time zone the task is creating it in. For example, something that might be due on Wednesday in the U.S. would be due on Thursday in Asia. If I’m physically in the U.S. when I set this task, then great. If I’m traveling in Asia and I forget, I might set the task to be due on Wednesday intending that to be for the U.S., but Asana is actually setting it on Tuesday in the U.S. The same applies for those who travel to the U.S. from Asia.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to specify a fixed time zone for my own user account, so that no matter which time zone I am in, I know that when I create or update the task’s deadlines, that I am setting it correctly for the whole team. Currently, I have to actively think about it depending on where I am.

Time zone incorrect after travelling

I really like this and can definitely get on board with it - while not such an extreme case, I work in different timezone remotely so if we set due times it often throws me a little cause I have to remember if it’s my time its using or theirs, lol. I also think, with Asana expanding into other markets, this will be a consideration for them (or should be).

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I have a variation on this, but I believe it dovetails with this thread…

As a frequent traveler who changes time zones a lot, I’ve noticed a behavior in the due times on Asana tasks. If I assign a task a due time of 8 am in one time zone, and then I travel to a time zone that is 2 hours later, the due time on the task automatically reverts to 10 am in the new time zone. In some cases, this is appropriate. In some, it’s not.

When specifying a task due time, I’d like some way to specify whether the time is fixed (and should automatically adjust when traveling, as in the 8 am to 10 am example above) or whether the time is relative (and should stay at the same time no matter what time zone I’m in — for example, 8 am would stay as 8 am even when in a time zone 2 hours later).


Asana and timezones can be confusing. Here is what Asana has to say about it.


Yeah - this is kind of a disaster. I love Asana for many things, but it’s the one thing that would stop me from implementing it on a wider scale. You guys have to jump on it soon as it’s only going to get worse over time. While it’s clever to set based on IP address, it’s not always accurate (e.g. working from an airplane WiFi, using a VPN etc) and it takes hours for it to reset with no way to check it or force it.) Also consider knowing you will be going to another country next week and prepping your week’s tasks from a different zone. Very problematic now.