Feature request: Make all links right-clickable so that they can be open in new tab


I find it really annoying that there are links - particularly in workspace selection dropdown - that are not right-clickable and hence can’t be open in new tab. I’m a freelancer and I switch between several workspaces a lot. Not having this ‘feature’ forces me to either to:

  • create a new tab → go to Asana → switch to the workspace
  • or find a proper link on current page → open it in a new tab → switch to the workspace.

Turning JS link into proper tag with valid href attribute shouldn’t be that hard, right?


Hi @Maciej_Klepaczewski and thank you so much for reaching out in the Forum. We’re currently working on a solution to make it easier for users to switch between Workqpaces/Organizations, I’m hoping to have an update to share soon!