Feature request: indicator to show new comment (icon or bold task name)


Hi there,

Could you please do something like bold the task name in the task list when a new comment is added, so we know that there is a new comment to read? Or add an icon next to the task name? It would be really handy so we can know when a reply has come in, when working in the project view.

OneNote has this feature – when a new page is added that the user who is logged in didn’t create, the title is bolded. It’s a very handy way of checking new additions.




I support this request/idea. I would prefer a small icon to bold text. The bold task name would make the task list a bit “unquiet”, I think.

I can see on potential problem: When I read a new comment and (I’m not coming from the inbox) would that change the inbox notification status of this comment to “read” or would I have to open the inbox to do this? That a possible redundancy.


That’s true. It would be good if the inbox and the project view could ‘talk’ to each other. Personally we use the hearts to indicate we’ve read a comment. Perhaps it could be linked to this, so that if a comment is ‘hearted’ this changes the status to ‘read’ in the inbox. Likewise, if a comment is marked as read in the inbox, no icon would appear in the project view. Obviously I have no idea how complicated this is, but it would certainly be handy!

I find I tend to work primarily in the project view - prefer the big picture approach rather than the activity feed approach. It would be so helpful to know when a new comment had been left whilst in this view.


Of course others might use hearts just to indicate they like a comment (not just to acknowledge they have read it), so maybe a separate icon would be better.


Slightly different request, but what we would like is some sort of icon or something right beside or under the task name to indicate if there are any comments. That way if we have a task with a bunch of subtasks you don’t have to scroll down just to see what’s going on. You could also add the date of the most recent comment to make it even more helpful.


In general I think comments are the backbone of this system if the idea is to replace emails. In that context a lot more need to be done to manage comments. For example:
1- Indication of new comments
2- indication of read/unread comment
3- ability to quote a comment on a reply comment
4- settings to keep comments listed all the time (not collapsed )



Yes i would like this too.