Feature Request - Improved Mobile App Attachments


In the Android mobile app, there’s a reference to attachments at the top of the task:

If you click the attachments link, you get each attachment on a separate slide. Photos have thumbnails, but Google Docs look like this:

If you click the “thumbnail,” you get an intermediate Google page that you have to click again to go to the Google Doc. Basically, instead of being a “smart URL” it’s handled like a generic URL.

The attachments all appear again at the bottom as comments, and if you tap there they open in Google Docs with smart URLs:

So the feature request is to recognize Google Docs (and I guess Dropbox and Box) in the mobile attachment slides, since they are officially supported types of attachments.


Further to this, if using the Chrome quick add utility or just pasting a link into the description of a google file, it would be wonderful to have Asana add the file as an attachment… with the previously mentioned Icons as opposed to that ass looking blank icon.