Feature Request: Highlight due date when using keyboard shortcut to edit due date



When on a task and you tab + a to change the assignee, you can immediately start typing the name of the user. However when you tab + d to change the date, it drops your cursor at the beginning of the date string, forcing you to have to highlight and delete what is already there. Could it be set to automatically highlight all of it when you tab + d so that you can immediately start typing the new due date?

:slight_smile: Open to suggestions or critique. It would just make my job so much easier since as a project manager I’m constantly working with our developers on due dates etc.


I hadn’t realised this was an issue until I read your post. It’s a small thing but I can see how it would become frustrating if you’re repeatedly changing dates.


Hey Mark,

Trying to gain traction for this again, reposted here: Make tab + d like tab + a


Hi John

Duplicate posts usually get merged, so you might find your new post getting combined with this one. However, just adding a new comment does push it up the list in the Latest category, so hopefully more people might see it anyway.


@Mark_Hudson is right, as a Moderator I can’t allow duplicate posts and spend my day fighting them with my mask and cape. Will hide your other post @John_Geesey please don’t hate me.


Haha fair enough Bastien! No hate, only a passion for Asana and sensible
shortcut experiences. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

John Geesey


Bastien as a moderator would you possibly be able to rename this thread then? :smiley:


What title do you suggest? This one seems to reflect what you asked for ins’t it?


I guess that one’s fine still haha just a little restless :wink:


I think this is a great idea John! I have the same problem… :slight_smile: