Feature Request: Google Drive Updates & Search



Hey Community -

First post here, so do let me know if I’m doing it wrong!

I’d love to see a feature where you can ‘attach’ a google drive folder to a task. What would happen is whenever the folder gets updated, it would notify the asana ticket that ‘a new file was updated’ or ‘has been added’. People who are following the ticket would also get an email for this just like any update. (Of course some spam UX issues here).

Finding files is not as smooth when they are hidden with several versions in a ticket. Attaching things over and over again, creating version numbers, etc. or even just linking people over and over again which links are just not as smooth of a UX with google drive in general.

As per the search, it would be great to #filenamehere to search for the google or 3rd party connected apps files or links that they expose. @ can be used for asana related only.


You are doing great :slight_smile:
Did you have a look at Zapier? Maybe this is something you can do with a zap… @paulminors is our expert on the subject! Paul, any advice?


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman.

Yes, it looks like “New file in folder” is a Google Drive Zapier trigger. However, you would need a way to search and find for the relevant task in Asana that the folder is attached to.

@Joseph_Cooper are you setting this up just for one specific task, or would you need to recreate this and have multiple folders attached to multiple tasks?