Feature Request: Formulated Date



Hi there,

I’m new to the forum, so apologies if this has been addressed before and I’ve missed it…

It would be really useful if there was a way that we could formulate dates on tasks / sub tasks. So if a stage in a project is delayed and re-dated, there is an option for all the subsequent tasks are automatically re-dated in relation to the changed date. So if we move a task forward by a week, everything else after that task will automatically jump forward a week also.

I hope you can help!

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Hi Joanne,

this cannot be done in Asana but with the add on https://www.instagantt.com/



Hi @Joanne_Stinton. Welcome to the community!

In addition to Sebastian’s suggestion, here’s a workaround in Asana that I think you’ll find helpful:


Great stuff, thank you :slight_smile: